Dry Cleaning In Your Very Own Home

Getting your dry cleaning done onsite is a whole lot simpler than carrying everything down to your local store. What's more, getting yours done by Friendly Cleaners gets you full insurance cover and work delivered by experienced professionals.

This means you can relax once your service is under way. We can work at whatever time is best for you, and very quickly in order to fit in around your schedule. We can dry clean all sorts of things - carpets, rugs, curtains, furniture - all with the same highly effective technique.

What You'll Get From Your Dry Cleaners?

The first thing you'll get of course, is professional-grade cleansing for whatever fabric you need addressed. The skills of our dry cleaners mean you'll also...

  • See use of the latest and most effective methods - we use a specialist dry powder that binds together with dirt for easy extraction.
  • Make sure your fabric doesn't shrink - because no liquid is involved in the cleansing process, there's no risk of damaging even natural fabrics.
  • Enjoy fully insured services - provided by a highly experienced and vetted team.
  • Make or change your appointment at any time - we operate our support facilities 24/7.
  • Set your service for whenever's best for you - weekdays, weekends or Bank Holidays.
  • Request pricing details - for your specific group of services. We offer low rates, and free quotes on request!

Your Service - How It Works?

The Frequently Asked Questions about this service show most of what our other clients have wanted to know about using us, but of course you're welcome to simply give us a call at any time to ask any questions that you might have.

Q. Can I use this technique for any fabric?

A. We usually recommend dry cleaning for natural fabrics, as there's no liquid involved - meaning there's no risk of shrinkage. That said, the service is ideally suited to any situation where fast drying cleansing is needed.

Q. Can I use my furniture or walk on my carpet immediately?

A. Absolutely. This service requires no drying time.

Q. How long will my service takes?

A. We take care of your fabric by pre-treating it to deal with stains, but the entire process is fast and efficient. The exact time will depend on the amount of fabric you need us to clean, but feel free to ask us for an estimate.

Your Local Dry Carpet Cleaning Experts

You'll be getting work from a highly professional team - one staffed by individuals who receive the latest training both initially join when they join us, and continually throughout their careers. We support their high quality work with full insurance cover, and make sure that each of them has been personally interviewed, vetted, and reference-checked before they join up with us.

Call 0330 320 4519 today to get a free quote on your dry carpet - or other fabric- cleaning. You can also do so quickly and easily online by using the form you'll find over on our contact us page, or by typing into our chat facility in the bottom corner of your screen. We're here 24 hours a day to take your call, so get in touch any time!

Create your own personalised package of services to get the best deal. Other clients have completed their fabric cleaning by booking our mattress cleaning or hot water extraction carpet cleaning services at the same time.