House Cleaners You Can Trust

We only hire the kind of house cleaners who we'd like to be in our home. This means carefully vetted, trained, and insured staff working following your list of priorities. No stress, no hassle. Just convenient services that fit in around your normal week.

Take advantage of our secure key holding facility - as many of our other clients do - and you'll even be able to set up your service to happen even when you're away at work. We want you to be able to put your feet up once you've hired us - and so we also take care of your chores like ironing and doing the dishes as part of your service if you'd like us to. No problem!

The Benefits That Come With Your Home Cleaners

Using our home cleaners gets you the highest quality of work. It also means you will...

  • Enjoy thorough cleansing - that comes via your favoured brands or the specialist equipment that we can bring with us on request.
  • Get work that you can count on - we fully vet your maid and insure all of the work that we do, so you can relax while it's being carried out.
  • Call to make or change your appointment on request - we're on the line 24 hours a day, throughout the week.
  • Make your choice of handy booking slot - why not try a weekend or holiday appointment?
  • Get a free quote - any time you want one! And enjoy some of the lowest rates around.

FAQs About Your Service

If you've never used us for your home or apartment cleaning, you can find out a little more about our services by checking out the answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions below:

Q. You say I set the amount of hours? How do I know how long that should be each time?

A. This will depend of course on the sort of tasks you need us to handle. If you're wondering how long each will take, simply ask when you call to book. We've been in the business for over a decade, so more than likely one or more of our clients has already asked us to do jobs just like yours.

Q. What if I want a different maid?

A. We're committed to making sure you can always build a great relationship with your cleaner. This means you can swap yours on request, and we'll always provide a replacement in case of holiday or sickness.

Q. How often should I book my service to happen?

A. This of course is down to you and your lifestyle. We can operate on whatever basis is best for you, taking care of your chores as well as your cleaning.

The Experts Who Deliver Your House Cleaning

Full insurance cover and complete quality assurances come with all of the house cleaning we provide. Plus, every single person on the Friendly Cleaners team has been extensively trained, as well as personally interviewed and CRB-checked. In short, they're exactly the kind of experts we'd want to be working for us.

Call 0330 320 4519 to get chatting to those experts now. Plus of course, you can contact us via our booking form or chat facility at your convenience. We keep all of our support systems staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So it's easy to make your booking or get a free quote any time you have a few minutes spare!

And while you're on the line, remember that you can book more to save more. Our customers who use this service often combine it with gardening or window cleaning in order to give their entire property the regular care that it needs.